The PIIA HÄNNINEN Collection is a fresh combination of nostalgic atelier-cut pieces mixed with wild Scandinavian in-house designed prints. The materials of the collection are carefully selected natural fibres. The clothes are produced in Finland and Estonia and the fabrics are printed in Finland.

The PIIA HÄNNINEN Collection was found in Rome, Italy in 2006 and is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. After completing her MA studies in the London College of Fashion, Piia has been working for labels such as Betty Jackson, Grimaldi Giardina and Fendi.

“Comfortable and wearable” are the key elements for Piia Hänninen after working in the fields of women’s wear, men’s wear and sportswear. The consept’s key idea is to mix different lifestyles, cultures and historical clothing styles in order to create collections which are effortlessly nostalgic and contemporary.

Like in Piia’s MA Fashion Design thesis, her design philosophy is based on sustainable design principles. This means high respect for the environment in choosing and printing the materials and preferring local production.

The Collections have been presented in the Berlin Premium Fashion Fair and in the Copenhagen Fashion Fair.

Because of the Italian effect, the Collections’ always have a feminine softness in them combined with sharp traditional tailoring. And, of course, always with a twist of strong Nothern mood.